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What You Need to Know About The Body Treatments Available in Mansfield

What You Need to Know About The Body Treatments Available in Mansfield

Have you experienced having a facial? If you have, then you know of its cleansing and exfoliating effects. Body treatments are basically like facials except, it’s for the whole body. It is important that you not only cleanse the skin on your face but your whole body as well.

The two most common body treatments are the body scrub and the body wrap. You will find that there are so many spas offering body scrubs and wraps but using different products such as seaweed, algae, creams, sugar crystals. They can sometimes get so confusing, but one thing that is common to them all is that their exfoliating function will rejuvenate your senses.

There are different body treatments being commercialized. It can be so hard to choose one that suits your needs as well as your budget. Here are common treatments offered by spas and salons that promise various benefits for your well-being:

1) Body Scrubs are deep exfoliating procedures that hydrate and smoothens the skin by using a mixture of salts. It absorbs toxins and tones your skin. It leaves your skin glowing and your senses uplifted. These are normally priced at $75.

2) Body masks have different actions on the body, depending on what products are used. First is the detoxifying treatment, which makes use of mud, algae, or seaweed. It affects your metabolism, which hastens the transport of waste products out of the body. Second is the hydrating treatment which makes use of cream or lotion.

3) Body/Detoxifying Wraps are designed to penetrate into the skin and remove clogged pores and toxins in the body, restoring your body’s healthy tone. It works on your lymphatic system by allowing penetration of herbs in your body after being wrapped in warm towels, providing you deep relaxation. A body wrap can also be used to treat cellulite. It is believed to cause temporary weight reduction due to its diuretic effects. These are normally priced at $90.

4) Salt Glow Treatment is very popular because of its invigorating effects. A massage therapist rubs a mixture of sea salt, oil, and aromatics like lemon into your skin. This exfoliates the skin making it fragrant and soft. These are normally priced at $50.

5) Airbrush Tanning
Want that sun-kissed look in an instant? No need to go to the beach, or suffer the painful peeling of having too much sun or being exposed to harmful UV rays. Airbrush tanning is a very popular choice for those who covet bronze bodies. Some salons offer this kind of body treatment. There are even some that hit two birds with one stone. It gives you the convenience of getting a tan while removing dead skin cells through a moisturizing cream applied throughout the whole body. Get that velvety smooth skin and stunning streak-free tan in no time. Prices may start from $25.

6) Herbal Moisturizing 
For those who have extremely dry skin, there are herbal moisturizing treatments are available for you. During a herbal moisturizing treatment, a cream is applied then massaged onto the body. The herbs that are slathered depend on the availability and your preference. Some spas have a good selection of herbs and oils. Usually, an herbal wrap follows.

7) Vichy shower is one body treatment that lets you reconnect with nature. It is very soothing and very invigorating. It is basically letting drops of water massage your body. This massage increases circulation and lymphatic flows, which aid the body in cleansing itself of toxins. Usually, Vichy showers are often paired with body scrubs or wraps and the overall price consists of about $100.

8) Paraffin is ideally used in facials because of its great penetrating action and it also has the ability to hydrate and increase the skin’s blood flow. Paraffin wax treatments are very popular during the winter because they warm and provide moisture to dry and cracked skin. Prices for this treatment start at $24.

Some spas offer different packages wherein you get different body treatments in one. It is better that you make an appointment at your favorite spa rather than come unexpectedly. Let the therapist know what parts of the body that he or she should focus on.

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